Nobody is unaware of this far-famed Angry Birds game. It is one of the best casual game and ranked at top in the most popular smartphone app list. I also love playing the game in my leisure time.

People very crazy about this game are already having their collection for Angry Birds wallpapers. Microsoft has also released a Angry Birds theme for Windows 7.

Today in this post, I am telling how one can set this Angry Birds as the boot screen of the Windows PC. We will need some software tools to alter the default Windows boot screen. Here we go in steps.

How to set up Angry Birds boot Screen (Windows 7)

1. First, Download the Angry Birds boot screen pack from here [1.2 MB].

2. Extract the downloaded .7z file with the help of 7-zip tool. You will get a .bs7 file.

3. Now, we will need another tool called "Windows 7 Boot Updater" which is used to change the Windows7 boot screen. Get this tool from here.

4. Open "Windows 7 Boot Updater" and go to File -> Load boot skin. Select the extracted .bs7 file from file box. It will load the file in the program. At last click on Apply button.

5. And finally, restart your system to take affect these changes.

For Windows XP

XP users need not to be frustrated because you can change the boot screen even easier. Just get the file, extract it with 7-zip and use Tune Up Styler to to apply the new boot screen.

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