Very often we accidentally delete some of our important files and then could not find them. Sometimes kids drive your computer and do something that they didn't know what they are doing and delete some files unknowingly. Ultimately it is your problem to get those files back.

There are some great tools available for recovering those deleted files but on running those tools they show a huge list of files and ask you to select which files to recover. So the prime task is to trace out which files we have deleted.

Deletion Extension Monitor is a freeware tool that is designed for keeping history of files that have been deleted from your computer. Don't think that here also you will bog down in a huge list of deleted files. This program has some great features I am going to describe.

Deletion Extension Monitor keep logs of deleted files with the date/time of deletion, file path, it's size and the program or process which has deleted the file. All these log information are easily accessible through the software GUI interface.

Customizing the Program for Your Need

Through the program interface you can set specific file extensions to monitor. Adding extensions like doc/docx, pdf, ppt, xls etc will be helpful for monitoring your documents. Keep only those extensions here which really means for you. Adding unnecessary types will just extend the list. You may opt for "Monitor All File Extensions" if you wish, but I strongly suggest not to activate this.

Another facility this program provides is automatically keep a backup of files before deletion. You can specify a backup folder for all files and can turn-on or off this feature from Settings -> Copy Low-Level File Deletions. This is helpful when a computer program deletes your files.

The program has a feature to skip files greater than a defined limit size. All files greater than X MB (max size set) will not be logged. However there is not any option for ignoring files less than a custom size. Hope this will available in next versions.

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