Post and Receive Google+ Updates via SMS

Your can continue your G+ conversations even without Internet. Doesn't matter if you have an Android, iPhone or an ordinary phone. But, SMS facility should be there in your device.

How to Use OpenDNS Service on Windows 7 PCs

OpenDNS is one of the most popular freely available public DNS resolver service. At this time they manage to serve about 3.5 million requests per second with 100% uptime. This tutorial will teach you how to use this on a Windows 7 PC.

Reduce Google Web Fonts Loading Time for Webpages

A number of website owners have started using web fonts for a better look and feel. But their use require some attention for best optimization. Here I'm highlighting some good ways that can reduce the font loading time up to 90%.

Understanding the Black Hat SEO [Infographic]

Black Hat SEO techniques are those considered against the search engines' guidelines and may involves deception. This infographic details what you should strictly avoid for a better ranking.