When you try to manually update Google Chrome, it may sometime throw error messages similar to one I encountered today.

Update failed (error: 7)An error occurred while checking for updates: Egads! Installation failed. Please try again. Error code = 0x00000000

The error indicates that the update for newer version was downloaded successfully, but it failed to install. Follow these simple steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Restart your browser and check for it. For me, the problem resolved in first step itself.

Step 2: If it doesn't works for you, restart the computer. Open task manager and go to Processes tab.

Step 3: Look for GoogleUpdate.exe and GoogleUpdateOnDemand.exe. Kill these task if running. (To kill a process, right click on the process and click on End Process)

Step 4: Open the Chrome browser and try updating it again from Menu -> About. It should go well.

In case everything fails for you, only one remedy is to reinstall the browser.

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