Microsoft now coming with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), has launched Platform Preview 3 (PP3) of the next generation Web browser, IE9. Microsoft reports that the IE9 Platform Preview has been downloaded over two million times.

Along with several functionality in IE9, the Microsoft developers have added support for HTML5 Canvas, and HTML5 audio and video tags. The new HTML5 functionality enables IE9 to deliver interactive content and online video on the browser without the need for any third-party application or browser plugins.

IE9 also includes support for CSS3 Font Face and Web Open Font Format (WOFF) - rendering a wider range of fonts with better clarity. It also combines the Chakra JavaScript engine, with support for multicore CPUs, dedicated GPUs, and hardware video acceleration to deliver exceptional performance. It is able to deliver flawlessly smooth animation at very high frame rates with IE9.  

Microsoft is working as fast as it can to launche its beta version, but is also focused on ensuring a quality product and is not prepared to announce availability dates which might force developers to march to the beat of artificial deadlines that could compromise qulity or performance.  

The IE9 Platform Preview 3 is available for download. Visit the IE9 Test Drive site for more information and to download PP3.
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