The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to limit SMS usage by imposing a new rule with effective from September 27.

TRAI has already intimated about the rule in December 2010. According to this, you will not be able to send more than 100 SMS from a single SIM. The Regulations provide that no service provider shall provide any service packs that allow customers to send more than 100 SMSs in a day. Running SMS bundle offers will also be discontinued.

The decision comes to control the large number of spam and unsolicited commercial SMS sent out daily. This move will save many from those disturbing and irritating promotional messages sent to them throughout the day.

People who start and end their day with an SMS and often send huge SMSs in group just for fun may not be happy with this. But, those who send SMS occasionaly will not realise any barrier. No matter in which group you are, during the festivals or special days you have to appease yourself.

This is for sure that we will see a dip in SMS volumes affecting profit of telecome opereators from SMS market. This will be more for new and small operators in comparision to older ones. At present, India's bulk SMS market is estimated to be around ₹300 crore.

Do you think it will also have impact on communication between people? or What if the 101st message is in an emergency?
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