How to Disable the Insecure Content Warning in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser often shows "insecure content" warning while opening any https page. This may be due to two reasons. One is mixed scripting and other is mixed display. Whatever be the reason you can turn them off. Now Chrome will not show that annoying yellow bar to you.

Access a Remote Computer Using Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome web browser can be used to remotely access another computer. The remote computer must have the Chrome browser installed and running. No matter whether the OS is Windows, Linux or Mac. So you can see and interact with your friend's computer seating anywhere in the world.

Show Tabs in Right Side Vertical Bar In Google Chrome

Many people often open 10-12 tabs in their browser and get messed up. Browser tabs at the top may not stand very helfull for this situation. Or may be you have a wider screen so want to enable tabs in right side vertically. This feature is already built in Google Chrome browser but is hidden because it is still under experiments. To enable this feature just follow these two steps...