Speed-Up Your Internet with Google DNS Resolver

Since Google's search engine keep crawling the web all the time, it resolves and caches DNS information of reached websites. Here, we can take advantage of their servers for getting the cached data, instead of querying the ISP for fresh lookup every time.

Submit Your Own Font to Google Web-Fonts Directory

Google allows you to upload your own font in its directory and use it in your web pages using their APIs. The Google web fonts collection is being seen by millions of people every day. It is the best free service to host your fonts.

Where to Find Old Google Doodles?

So many times Google Doodles has surprised us with its look, reflecting various anniversaries and landmark historical events of the day. But, unfortunately it stays only for one day. Google has created a gallery for doodles.

Add Google Cloud Print Button to Web Pages

Google Cloud Print technology is spreading among Internet users. It helps you to print any document on your home's printer from anywhere in the world and any device. See how you can provide this facility to your visitors.

How Does Google Cloud Print Work?

Google Cloud Print is a technology that helps you to access your computer's printers from anywhere and any device. For printing a page from mobile device, now don't have to worry about transferring them to printer connected computer, and then print them.

View Search Queries for Which Your Site Appears on Google

Analyzing search queries data for which your website is appearing in Google organic search results gives you an idea about how people are searching. These queries show strong hints to optimize and improve your content for better SEO.