Every Googler is aware of Doodles. So many times it has surprised us with its look, reflecting various anniversaries and landmark historical events of the day. But, have you ever faced problem searching for your loving doodles that you saw some days before, and now they are not at the same place?

Now Google has made available all their previous home page doodles in one place. You may take pleasure by browsing the gallery on this dedicated website. It contains approximately 1000 doodles starting from 1998 to latest one. You can also subscribe to RSS for addition updates.

For purchasing Doodlised products like T-shirts, cards, mug etc you can browse the doodle store website.

Who Designs the Doodles?

There is a team of illustrators and engineers that are specially involved in designing new doodles on special occasions. If you have any suggestion for doodle team regarding the next doodle, you can send them at This is sure that they will read you, but don't always expect any reply from them.

The very first doodle was displayed in 1998 in honor of the Burning Man Festival. This was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Starting from there its journey goes on very interesting. Google not only presented static images that people can only look, but some interactive doodles was shown that people can play with. The doodle created on the birthday of Pac-Man was probably the first playable logo of Google. It was unveiled worldwide on May 21, 2010 to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac-Man.

Another surprising doodle was shown on April 15, 2011, commemorating Charlie Chaplin's 122nd birthday. This was the first video doodle showing a black and white YouTube video. All parts in this short film were played by the Google doodle team, and special behind-the-scenes footage was to be found on the Google blog.

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