Microsoft has come up with a series of ads for advertising its web products. They say that this is to reach out to people who are frustrated by some of Google's recently changed policies. Microsoft says that they are reminding folks that they have a choice when it comes to internet software and services.

According to a blog post by Frank Shaw (Corporate Vice President)

Some email services, like Gmail, actually read the contents of your mail (both sent and received, even if you aren't a Gmail user but just sending to someone who is) in order to decide what kind of ads to serve up to you. They may call it "scanning" and attempt to equate it with less invasive activities like "checking for spam" but it's quite different. For you, and the people you send mail to, it's not spam, it's personal.

These all are to promote some of their Web-related products like Hotmail, Bing, Office 365 and Internet Explorer. He say:

If you haven't tried these Microsoft products and services, give 'em a shot. If you've tried them before and moved on, come on back. We've left the light on for you.

The Most Interesting Ad

Of all these ads, the most chattered one is a video "Gmail Man" that Microsoft uploaded on its YouTube channel.

It is of no surprise that the video has garnered more dislikes than likes. At the time I was writing this, it has had 3.7k likes and 4.9k dislikes. After all, most YouTube users are also Gmail users and they aren't buying Microsoft's argument.