IE Bug: How to Protect Yourself from Remote Attacks

All IE versions from 6 to 9, except 10 are exposed to Active Scripting vulnerability which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on user's machine. Microsoft has suggested Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit as a temporary fix for the bug.

Is Your Password Strong Enough? Check Here

No matter how long and complex your password is, if someone manage to copy it, you will fall in trouble. But though, choosing a strong password should not be taken casually. This tool can assure that a chosen password is really strong.

Microsoft Warns of Conflicker Worm, Read Guidelines

Microsoft yesterday released a security report which says that Conflicker (Kido) worm is back and may target Windows PCs again. The company has also released some guidelines for its Operating System users.

Microsoft Unveiled the New Logo for Windows 8

Microsoft has surprisingly redesigned the logo for its for its upcoming Windows 8 OS. Now, while starting your brand new Win 8 PC, you won't see the old multicolored waving flag which continuously evolved over the years since 1992.

Microsoft India's Usernames and Passwords Info Exposed

User name and password details for users at Microsoft India Web Store was hacked by a Chinese hacker group. If you are one of the victim and have used the same login id/e-mail and password on any other online service, you should change it immediately.

Explanation: Why We Can't Create Folders Named "CON"

I found this little problem circulating via e-mail and social networks, why we get an error while renaming or creating any file/folder with "CON", "PRN", "AUX" etc names. This is absolutely true and here is the correct explanation and some more keywords.

Microsoft Xbox Live Users - Beware of Fake E-mails

Many of Xbox users are reporting that they were scammed by a fake email. The phishing e-mail sent users to a fake website where they were asked to give personal information like credit card details, e-mail and house address. Beware of those emails.