How to Lock USB Drives with Password using USB Safeguard

We all use USB drives for carrying data on the move. Sometimes those documents are too sensitive and we don't want anyone else to see them. So password protecting the flash drive is needed. USB Safeguard is a portable tool intended for protecting drives with password.

How a Share-baiting and Self-XSS Facebook Hack Works?

In recent weeks a lot of people are facing social-engineering attacks on their Facebook account, but how many of them actually know the mechanics behind them? In this post I have tried to explain some of those tricking Facebook scam, and their working mechanics.

Microsoft Xbox Live Users - Beware of Fake E-mails

Many of Xbox users are reporting that they were scammed by a fake email. The phishing e-mail sent users to a fake website where they were asked to give personal information like credit card details, e-mail and house address. Beware of those emails.

How to Activate Facebook Login Notifications

Enabling Facebook login notifications will alert you each time your account is accessed from a new device. You will also receive text message alerts on mobile if it's number is added to your account.

Skype Users Can be Traced by Hackers : Researchers Uncovered

A team of international researchers uncovered some flaw in Skype that can allow a hacker to track and spy on Skype users. The flaw lets hackers to determine the IP address of the Skype user thereby indicating the ISP and location of the user through any geo-IP mapping services. One can even be traced behind a firewall.

How to Protect Your Facebook Wall from Spam Links

ShareSafe is a Facebook app which can help you to protect your Facebook wall from spam and malicious links. The app has been launched in beta stage by a security software company F-Secure. It is free to use and works similar as any other Facebook app.

Another Security Risk Found in HTC Android Smartphones

Android based several HTC smartphones are exposed with another security flaw. The flaw could allow some net-enabled apps to access user's personal information such as call history, user accounts, GPS data and SMS data. HTC admitted the risk but patch is still not provided.

Researchers Exposed More Android Vulnerabilities

Researchers have found two new vulnerabilities in Android operating system with one of them affecting all Android handsets. The first flaw allows attackers to install applications on the victim's smartphone without asking for permission or notifying the user. Samsung Nexus S handsets are also affected with this.

Google Alerts Gmail Account Security in Iran

Google is asking its user in Iran to change their passwords and recheck their account recovery options. Few days ago an Iranian hacker stole a Google authentication certificate from DigiNotar (a Dutch certificate authority) and fraudulently creating more than 500 SSL certificates used to authenticate Web sites.