3D camera are widely available in market even at cheaper price shows the advancement of our technology. You can now enjoy shooting 3D pictures using the camera. But what about those souvenir images that we had already captured with old cameras?

Free 3D Photo Maker is a software tool that facilitates the conversion of 3D images from normal 2D images. A 3D resulting image may be created either using a single source image or two similar source images. It will be best if two shots for the same image is captured with a small horizontal shift.

Please note that you will need stereo anaglyph glasses to watch the output 3D pictures.

How to convert 2D images to 3D?

Step 1
Download and install Free 3D Photo Maker.

Step 2
Launch the program. If you have only single image then check the "Use single image" box and click "Open left image" button to select the source image. If you have two shifted images then click "Open left image" button and then "Open right image" button to select input files.

Step 3
Select the output destination for the converted image by clicking the Browse button.

Step 4
Here you need to choose the correct algorithm that will be used for image transformation. The following algorithms are available:

  • Color (red-cyan) Anaglyph - for regular reb-blue anaglyph.
  • True (dark) Anaglyph - output image will be darker than the original one.
  • Gray Anaglyph - the output image will be gray-painted. In this case the brightness is more even, however, no color reproduction is shown.
  • Optimized Anaglyph - color balance in output image is preserved (in contrast to gray and true anaglyph). Complex calculations bring a better color reproduction (in contrast to color anaglyph).
  • ColorCode (yellow-blue) Anaglyph - it is intended for yellow-blue anaglyph glasses. Another component separation combination produces a better color rendering than red-cyan anaglyph without additional optimization on most materials as well as gives more even brightness.

Step 5
Click the Make 3D button and get ready with your stereo anaglyph glasses.