Today when trying to download a few apps, I was getting error message "Error Processing Purchase [DF-BPA-30]" on one of my Kitkat Android phone (Moto G - 1st Gen). I was unable to download any app from the store.

I followed the steps mentioned in troubleshoot guide Problems downloading apps & games, but it didn't helped me.

Root Cause

My device got out of sync with Play Store server. It happens when the timestamp in your device doesn't match with that on server.


Messing with the device's Date & Time Settings brought my device back up. It allowed time to sync. Follow these simple steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Go to Settings->Date & Time
  2. Uncheck the two boxes which say "Automatic date & time" and "Automatic time zone"
  3. You will now be allowed to set date manually. Change the date to anything in past. For example, just change the year to 2010 or 2012
  4. Come to home screen
  5. Again go to Settings-> Date & Time
  6. Now check both the boxes we unchecked earlier
  7. Time would be automatically updated and "Set time" field would be disabled now
  8. Try downloading the app from Play Store

This would do the job. If you are still facing problem I would recommend clearing cache & data for Play Store and Download manager.

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