Post and Receive Google+ Updates via SMS

Your can continue your G+ conversations even without Internet. Doesn't matter if you have an Android, iPhone or an ordinary phone. But, SMS facility should be there in your device.

Create Google+ Fan Page for Business & Brands

Google is now allowing people to set up their own Google+ pages for businesses and brands. The page will feature a brand to direct connect from Google search. People can +1 your content on the page and spent time with your team. Setting up a Google+ page is very easy. Here's a detail guide on creating a page on Google plus.

How to Enable Google+ for Google Apps Account

Google+ is now available for all Google Apps users also. Apps users will have access to the same features as regular Google+ users. Google+ will automatically become available to all Google Apps users over the next several days, but if you wish to turn it on manually, here is the guide.

Google+ is Now Open For Everyone

After a long testing Google+ is now open for all. It was previously available only on an invitation only basis. Google claims that it has attracted more than 10 million users just after 2-weeks of its invitation-only trail opening. Lot of improvements in other social networking sites indicates that the rise of Google+ has not gone unnoticed by its competitors.