Speed-Up Your Internet with Google DNS Resolver

Since Google's search engine keep crawling the web all the time, it resolves and caches DNS information of reached websites. Here, we can take advantage of their servers for getting the cached data, instead of querying the ISP for fresh lookup every time.

How to Create Multiple Personal Profiles in Google Chrome

We generally have a common computer at home that we share with our roommates or friends. Everyone wants to keep their bookmarks, themes, and settings as per choice. In such cases protecting your personnel web history and passwords are utmost important.

Activate Facebook Timeline for Non-developer Profiles

Facebook has enabled its long awaited feature Timeline for all profiles. Previously Timeline was only enabled for a developer account. But now all Facebook users can activate this new Timeline feature. Learn here how to activate Timeline.

How to Disable the Insecure Content Warning in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser often shows "insecure content" warning while opening any https page. This may be due to two reasons. One is mixed scripting and other is mixed display. Whatever be the reason you can turn them off. Now Chrome will not show that annoying yellow bar to you.

Convert Normal 2D Camera Pictures to 3D Images

3D cameras are now easily available in stores but what about those souvenir images that we had already captured with old cameras? Learn here about a tool that facilitates the conversion of 3D images from normal 2D images. You will need anaglyph glasses to view 3D image.

Browse Websites Faster by Blocking Social Widgets

These days almost every website uses social buttons and widgets for spreading their work. But they also affect the browsing by increasing page loading time. Disabling them can speed up your browsing. Here is how to get ride of this social cluttering problem.

Easiest Way to Hide a Windows Hard Disk Partition Drive

Windows shows only those partitions which have a drive letter assigned to them. It directly means that drive without any letter will not be shown or accessed. Windows provides very easy way to assign or remove a drive letter of any drive with few clicks. Here is the tutorial.