Use QR Codes to Share Your Documents Online

QR codes are greatly helping people by providing immediate access to the document just by scanning the code. No need to type in any lengthy URLs. Instead of emailing or distributing the copy physically, people are more preferring to share documents using QR codes.

Google is Rewarding for Finding Security Bugs

Google Security Team has announced a vulnerability reward program involving all Google web properties. The base reward for a qualifying bug is $500 and if the rewards panel finds a particular bug to be severe or unusually clever, rewards of up to $3,133.7 may be issued.

Register Absolutely Free .in Domain Name And Hosting from Google

Google, in partnership with HostGator, FISME and ICICI Bank is offering free registration of .in domain name along with web hosting for people in India. Full support with site building tools and Google Apps will also be available for the domain for 1 year. You are free to change the web hosting provider any time.

Skype Users Can be Traced by Hackers : Researchers Uncovered

A team of international researchers uncovered some flaw in Skype that can allow a hacker to track and spy on Skype users. The flaw lets hackers to determine the IP address of the Skype user thereby indicating the ISP and location of the user through any geo-IP mapping services. One can even be traced behind a firewall.

Get Live Train Running Status of Indian Rails

Indian Railway is now providing the live tracking of Indian Trains' running status. Now one can know the exact location, speed and direction of the train from website or through SMS. The project is named as SIMRAN (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation) which uses GPS service for monitoring trains continuously.

Play Official Ra.One Game Online

Shahrukh Khan yesterday launched the digital avatar of his role played in his upcoming sci-fi movie ''. The game code named ' Genesis' is conceptualized by Mr. Khan himself. UTV Indiagames holds the copyright for the game. The game can be played at movie's website as well as on social networks like Facebook and gaming platforms like Nokia Ovi, Android, Apple etc.

Restrict Websites From Opening in any Browser on Your Computer

Blocking any website access in your computer can be done by simply editing a file. That too without using any external tool. This trick is enough to make your children safe from internet or to make fool any non-techie guy. This is based on editing a Windows Hosts file which is used for DNS lookup by the OS.

Harvard University's Website Hacked

Harvard University website was hacked yesterday by a group called "Syrian Electronic Army." Hackers placed an image of Syria's president, Bashar el-Assad, along with a message accusing the United States of involvement in the uprisings against President Assad. "Syrian Electronic Army Were Here", the words of the message.

[Rumour] Increase Internet Speed By 20%, Bandwidth Being Reserved For Windows

I have seen a number of technical articles and newsgroup stating that Windows always reserves 20 percent of the available internet bandwidth for their own purposes and QoS. They also describe techniques to get that back and improve internet connection speed. But, according to Microsoft, these claims are absolutely incorrect. Here's the full story...

Play Official KBC 4 Game Online And Win Money

KBC has introduced an official KBC 5 Game Online' in very similar format to the real game and offers a chance to win a sum of one crore virtually. Similar to real KBC, you will be provided 4 lifelines also.