View Search Queries for Which Your Site Appears on Google

Analyzing search queries data for which your website is appearing in Google organic search results gives you an idea about how people are searching. These queries show strong hints to optimize and improve your content for better SEO.

Find and Fix Website Health Issues with Google Webmaster

Not a long back Google Webmasters tool started showing the health of websites on the webmasters' home page. If Google finds any issue with your site's health, it would show an critical icon with the brief report about the problem.

Use Single Page or Multiple Pages for Long Articles?

There are lots of conversation about a single long page containing full article, or to break it in multiple pages? Many webmasters are confused about this and hence are not scoring good in search results. Here I am clearly explaining when to use a single page architecture and when to do it in parts.

How to Optimize PDF Files for Search Engines

Most search engines are now capable of crawling non-HTML contents such as PDF files, spreadsheets and presentations. No doubt that these documents can even rank higher in search results comparative to other HTML pages.

Check How Much Mobile Friendly is Your Website

Users have different experience while viewing any web page on a small screen device with limited browser capabilities. They may easily distracted if a page is not optimized for them. Check your sites's score and detailed report explaining room for improvement.