Participate in Indian Idol 6 through Web Auditions

This is the first time that Sony is providing an online auditions for participating in the famous singing talent hunt program Indian Idol. As you are restricted to upload only one video, give your best and rocking one.

Microsoft Unveiled the New Logo for Windows 8

Microsoft has surprisingly redesigned the logo for its for its upcoming Windows 8 OS. Now, while starting your brand new Win 8 PC, you won't see the old multicolored waving flag which continuously evolved over the years since 1992.

Access Wikipedia During SOPA Blackout Day

The Wikipedia has blacked out the English version of Wikipedia for 24 hours on January 18th 2012. A protest message is being shown on all pages. Here I have described how to read any Wikipedia article on the blackout day.

Facebook Announces Hacker Cup Competition 2012

Facebook has announced registration details for it's second annual Hacker Cup. The Hacker Cup is Facebook's international coding competition. The first Facebook Hacker Cup was organized in Jan'11. Here you have to solve algorithmic problems to advance in each round.

Epson Creative Imaging Contest, Win a Trip to Taiwan

Epson India has announced its annual Creative Imaging Contest'11 for the year 2012. This contest is open for all children across India who are aged between 8-16 years. The deadline for submitting your photographs and digital arts is January 15, 2012.

Google India: Top Searched Items of 2011

Google is not just a search engine, rather it is a habit for most of the people. Billions of searches are performed globally on Google each year. Even I have seen people who search 'gmail' in Google to open the website.

Online Order Your Aakash Tablet Right Now

Online booking of the low cost Indian Android tablet "Aakash" has started. Anyone can order the tablet online. After your order it will be delivered to your address in a week's time. No pre payment will be accepted but the only payment option is cash on delivery.

Google is Rewarding for Finding Security Bugs

Google Security Team has announced a vulnerability reward program involving all Google web properties. The base reward for a qualifying bug is $500 and if the rewards panel finds a particular bug to be severe or unusually clever, rewards of up to $3,133.7 may be issued.

Try Demo of Windows Phone on Web Browser

Microsoft has recently unveiled the Windows Phone Emulator which can be tried by interested people for a demo of working and user interface of Windows Phone. iPhone and Android users can try and experience a quick demo of Windows Phone right on their browser.

Web Domains Registration and Renewal Fees Likely to Go Up

VeriSign, Neustar and Afilias has announced that they are going to increase registry and renewal fees for .com, .net and .biz domains effective from 1st or 2nd month of the next year. Overall we are seeing an increase up to 7% in prices.

Access Twitter on Your Airtle Mobile for Free

Bharti Airtel has launched a special integration with Twitter that will allow Airtel subscribers in India to access the micro-blogging Twitter service from their mobile phones for free until March 1, 2012.