[Rumour] Increase Internet Speed By 20%, Bandwidth Being Reserved For Windows

I have seen a number of technical articles and newsgroup stating that Windows always reserves 20 percent of the available internet bandwidth for their own purposes and QoS. They also describe techniques to get that back and improve internet connection speed. But, according to Microsoft, these claims are absolutely incorrect. Here's the full story...

Amazing Fact : Gmail Usernames Ignore Dots

Gmail doesn't recognize dots (.) as characters within a username. Google Ignores "." in Google Account Username At A Time Of Login and Also At Time Of Creating New Account. This way, you can add and remove dots to your username and change your email id. May be some of you do not believe, but this is a very interesting Fact. Read full story here...

Quickly Lock Your Computer With Shortcut Key

You shouldn't forget to lock your PC, even when leaving for a short while. 'Log Off' and 'Lock' are different things. This article describes how to quickly lock your computer running windows OS. Also few other useful Windows logo shortcut keys that you can use and save time...

Simple HTML Code to Crash Internet Explorer (IE)

A few lines of simple HTML code made Internet Explorer to hang-up. It crashes every single version of IE, from IE6 even up to the latest Internet Explorer 9. If you want to try this, just copy-paste this code in notepad and save with .html extension.

Hide Any File Behind Another File

We know so many methods to hide a file. But the trick I am going to explain below is an amazing one. Using this trick, you can hide any type of file behind another one. No one ever thinks about a file as having to the ability to hide other files.

Lock Your Computer When Wrong Password Is Entered 3 Times

Here we will use Windows security settings to temporarily lock out the account for xx minutes whenever the wrong password is entered x times. This will prevent the hacker from being able to repeatedly guess your password by making it a longer time job.

Reset Windows Password Using a Live Ubuntu Disc

If you have forgotten your administrator password for Windows, worry not - you don't have to do a fresh install of Windows. You can use a Ubuntu Linux live CD or live USB to reset the password. This tutorial will show you how to do that, step by step...

Install Windows 7/Vista/XP From USB Flash Drive

Many times we wish to reinstall OS but we can't due to failure of CD/DVD media or something else. However any USB drive can be used for installing Windows OS by making it bootable. The method is very simple and you can do it yourself...