Easiest Way to Hide a Windows Hard Disk Partition Drive

Windows shows only those partitions which have a drive letter assigned to them. It directly means that drive without any letter will not be shown or accessed. Windows provides very easy way to assign or remove a drive letter of any drive with few clicks. Here is the tutorial.

Check How Much Mobile Friendly is Your Website

Users have different experience while viewing any web page on a small screen device with limited browser capabilities. They may easily distracted if a page is not optimized for them. Check your sites's score and detailed report explaining room for improvement.

How to Control Maximum Processor Usage of Your PC

Reducing the maximum CPU usage limit will protect your computer from over-heating, increase its lifespan and also reduce battery consumption. The limit should be balancing one, such that neither your processor get harmed nor its performance.

Send Money to Friends via PayPal Facebook App

Paypal has launched its "Send Money" App for Facebook. Now Facebook users can send money to their friends right from the Facebook account. There will be no extra transaction fee to be charged for any transaction made through the App, though PayPal's regular limits and international fees still apply.

Try a Secret New Page Layout For YouTube

YouTube is silently testing a brand new page layout design for its website interface. This layout is not activated by default but can be done with a simple cookie edit. This design is only for YouTube home page.

How to Activate Facebook Login Notifications

Enabling Facebook login notifications will alert you each time your account is accessed from a new device. You will also receive text message alerts on mobile if it's number is added to your account.

Create Google+ Fan Page for Business & Brands

Google is now allowing people to set up their own Google+ pages for businesses and brands. The page will feature a brand to direct connect from Google search. People can +1 your content on the page and spent time with your team. Setting up a Google+ page is very easy. Here's a detail guide on creating a page on Google plus.

Register Absolutely Free .in Domain Name And Hosting from Google

Google, in partnership with HostGator, FISME and ICICI Bank is offering free registration of .in domain name along with web hosting for people in India. Full support with site building tools and Google Apps will also be available for the domain for 1 year. You are free to change the web hosting provider any time.

How to Enable Google+ for Google Apps Account

Google+ is now available for all Google Apps users also. Apps users will have access to the same features as regular Google+ users. Google+ will automatically become available to all Google Apps users over the next several days, but if you wish to turn it on manually, here is the guide.

Access a Remote Computer Using Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome web browser can be used to remotely access another computer. The remote computer must have the Chrome browser installed and running. No matter whether the OS is Windows, Linux or Mac. So you can see and interact with your friend's computer seating anywhere in the world.

How to Protect Your Facebook Wall from Spam Links

ShareSafe is a Facebook app which can help you to protect your Facebook wall from spam and malicious links. The app has been launched in beta stage by a security software company F-Secure. It is free to use and works similar as any other Facebook app.