Retain Search Ranking When Moving to a New Website

Moving a established website to a new domain can pull down your search ranking very badly. And there is only scene to loose your visitors. Here is a list of four must-to-do things to retain all the ranking and reputation of your site while moving.

A Permanent Solution to Delete Stuck Print Jobs in Windows

So many times when we try to cancel or delete a print job from the print queue and it fails. In this article, I am with a simple solution to clear the queue by creating a script file and then just use that whenever the print jobs stuck.

An Interesting Maths of Credit/Debit Card Numbers

All credit and debit cards have a serial number printed on them. These numbers are unique for all cards and reveals some information about the card. This number is not generated at random but follow a simple arithmetic.

A Freeware Tool for Tracking Deleted Files on a PC

Very often we accidentally delete some of our important files and then could not find them. Most file recovering tools shows a huge list of files and ask you to select which files to recover. But this tool very smartly manage and shows deleted files.

Get the Gravatar Image of any Person Just From the Email

Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars associated with emails. Users register their account and attach their desired thumb image for particular e-mail address. Gravatar can be accessed through any programming language.

Delivering Smartphone Specific Contents to Googlebot

To index smartphone specific contents in Google Search, Googlebot-Mobile now crawls web with a smartphone user-agent in addition to its previous feature phone user-agents. As a webmaster if you are working on this, the article may help you.

How to Create Multiple Personal Profiles in Google Chrome

We generally have a common computer at home that we share with our roommates or friends. Everyone wants to keep their bookmarks, themes, and settings as per choice. In such cases protecting your personnel web history and passwords are utmost important.

View Search Queries for Which Your Site Appears on Google

Analyzing search queries data for which your website is appearing in Google organic search results gives you an idea about how people are searching. These queries show strong hints to optimize and improve your content for better SEO.