Explanation: Why We Can't Create Folders Named "CON"

I found this little problem circulating via e-mail and social networks, why we get an error while renaming or creating any file/folder with "CON", "PRN", "AUX" etc names. This is absolutely true and here is the correct explanation and some more keywords.

How to Lock USB Drives with Password using USB Safeguard

We all use USB drives for carrying data on the move. Sometimes those documents are too sensitive and we don't want anyone else to see them. So password protecting the flash drive is needed. USB Safeguard is a portable tool intended for protecting drives with password.

Find and Fix Website Health Issues with Google Webmaster

Not a long back Google Webmasters tool started showing the health of websites on the webmasters' home page. If Google finds any issue with your site's health, it would show an critical icon with the brief report about the problem.

Most Popular TechVigil Tricks of 2011

Another year has passed and everyone is celebrating 2012. We wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous new year. Here we are recalling our most popular tricks posted in year 2011. Hope you will enjoy reading these in case you have missed them.

Get Earthquake Alerts via Twitter, E-mail and RSS

Earthquake Notification Service (ENS) is a free service that provides earthquake alerts happening around the World. You can opt for receiving notification only for your desired area. Updates are available via Twitter, E-mail, RSS and some other social services.

Use Single Page or Multiple Pages for Long Articles?

There are lots of conversation about a single long page containing full article, or to break it in multiple pages? Many webmasters are confused about this and hence are not scoring good in search results. Here I am clearly explaining when to use a single page architecture and when to do it in parts.

How to Optimize PDF Files for Search Engines

Most search engines are now capable of crawling non-HTML contents such as PDF files, spreadsheets and presentations. No doubt that these documents can even rank higher in search results comparative to other HTML pages.

Use QR Codes to Share Your Documents Online

QR codes are greatly helping people by providing immediate access to the document just by scanning the code. No need to type in any lengthy URLs. Instead of emailing or distributing the copy physically, people are more preferring to share documents using QR codes.

Set Angry Birds as Your PC's Boot Screen

Nobody is unaware of this far-famed Angry Birds game. People very crazy about this game are already having their collection for Angry Birds wallpapers. Today in this post, I am telling how one can set this Angry Birds as the boot screen of the Windows PC.

How to Disable the Insecure Content Warning in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser often shows "insecure content" warning while opening any https page. This may be due to two reasons. One is mixed scripting and other is mixed display. Whatever be the reason you can turn them off. Now Chrome will not show that annoying yellow bar to you.

Convert Normal 2D Camera Pictures to 3D Images

3D cameras are now easily available in stores but what about those souvenir images that we had already captured with old cameras? Learn here about a tool that facilitates the conversion of 3D images from normal 2D images. You will need anaglyph glasses to view 3D image.

Browse Websites Faster by Blocking Social Widgets

These days almost every website uses social buttons and widgets for spreading their work. But they also affect the browsing by increasing page loading time. Disabling them can speed up your browsing. Here is how to get ride of this social cluttering problem.