Good-n-Bad Specs of the Cheapest Indian Tablet "Aakash"

Finally India has launched its own so claimed cheapest computer tablet in the world. It will come to the market in December with expected consumer end price of ₹1400-1700. Laced with many advance features such as touch-screen, Wi-Fi and HDMI, the tablet runs on Android 2.2 operating system.

Set Custom Icons for Your Pen Drive and CDs

Custom picture icons can be set to pen-drive and writable disks very similar to branded disks. For this you have to just include two extra files to the media. One file is the picture file and other file is a simple text file with mere two lines of code.

Restrict Websites From Opening in any Browser on Your Computer

Blocking any website access in your computer can be done by simply editing a file. That too without using any external tool. This trick is enough to make your children safe from internet or to make fool any non-techie guy. This is based on editing a Windows Hosts file which is used for DNS lookup by the OS.

How to Block Category Wise Commercial Calls/SMS [India]

TRAI has notified new regulations in the benefit of telecom customer wef Sep 27, 2011. According to this customers (either land line or mobile) who do not want to receive commercial communications can register their preference. You can block all categories or choose some selected categories between 7 defined categories for blocking.

Find Some Unsaid Details of Your Computer

Using WMIC service, you can obtain some important information about your computer that are probably not known to you. These information are related to BIOS, CPU, Desktop, RAM, Operating System, Registry, Startup and much more.

Interesting Maths Behind IMEI Numbers

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique number associated with every mobile phone as its identity. There is an interesting maths theory behind each IMEI number. Its last digit is computed according to Luhn Algorithm. Before 2003 this check digit was always set to 0. After revision of GSMA guidelines it has changed.

Override Your Windows Experience Index Rating

This is the case when you have an old notebook and you are not happy with its low score of Windows Experience Index. But you can increase it without upgrading any hardware. All you have to do is to edit a single file and put desired rating.

Create PDF Documents Using Microsoft Word

Creating a PDF document with Microsoft Office 2010 is so easy. No additional plugin is required. Prior to this we have to either use third-party softwares or extra plug-ins. The post I am sharing here is not a trick but may be usefull for you if you want to create PDF files for secure and unaltered distribution...

Show Tabs in Right Side Vertical Bar In Google Chrome

Many people often open 10-12 tabs in their browser and get messed up. Browser tabs at the top may not stand very helfull for this situation. Or may be you have a wider screen so want to enable tabs in right side vertically. This feature is already built in Google Chrome browser but is hidden because it is still under experiments. To enable this feature just follow these two steps...

Run Google Chrome OS on Windows Using A USB Pendrive

Have you tried Chrome OS? If not, here it is described how to run Google Chrome OS from a USB flash drive or on a virtual machine. Even you can install the OS in a separate partition with your current OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). But, since it is still under development there may be some issue with the release.

Get Microsoft Mathematics For Solving Math And Science Problems

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It features the Windows Scenic Ribbon interface. You might be knowing that it allows users to solve math and science problems. It contains more than 100 commonly used equations and formulae to help identify and solve problems.